Great PC Games to play

Great PC Games to play

This is a great time to be a gamer! With AMD’s Radeon and Nvidia’s RTX Ampere GPU, there are a few games that can be enjoyed to the hilt. Below are some great games that can be played right now.

Wasteland 3

A great post-apocalyptic adventure, Wasteland 3 can be termed as one of the most entertaining games this year. The game has RPG staples like the creation of characters, perks, specializations, and so on. This role-playing game has one aspect that stands out. Each action will have a meaningful consequence and will often leave the player confused between doing the right thing or opting for rewards. The co-op mode allows the player to play the game with a friend. The game has an engaging plot and can be played for around 100 hours without getting boring. The game is loaded with great graphics and is easily one of the best this year.

Doom Eternal

Similar to games like Doom 2016, Bulletstorm, and Titanfall 2, this game is intense! Doom Eternal is a shooter game and needs 100 percent attention due to its extremely hectic fights. The player is in constant motion to avoid being impaled or blasted. At the same time, the player will need to constantly consider what weapon works on which demon. Gameplay involves the player to constantly choose between Blood Punch, ice bombs, Glory Kills, etc. The game isn’t only about shooting monsters. One needs to keep upgrading, mastering weapons, exploring the Fortress of Doom, solve puzzles, and more. A great fast-paced shooter game to keep you thinking.

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Gears Tactics

This is a great turn-based tactics style of game. Gears Tactics is slightly different from XCOM type games. Each soldier is given three action points, used for shooting, moving, and special actions like overwatch. Players can also gain AP by executing enemies that are weakened. The game offers five types of soldiers, with different skill trees and weapons. The player can therefore create a squad depending on the type of mission. Customizing weapons and armour are fun in the game, as is the risk-reward ratio of trying to get loot crates.


Similar to CS: GO, this game has the potential to rule the roost. The game has a great aesthetic and characters with signature powers and back stories. It also has a ping system, which means the player does not have to use a headset or type. Valorant has 25 rounds, with attackers trying to set up a bomb and defenders trying to stop them. Moreover, two abilities have to be bought per round and have limited uses. A great competitive game, Valorant is a mix of teamwork, tactical depth, and strategic play.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is similar to GTA V, Witcher 3, and is an action-adventure game. The game leaves the player spending time walking around simply to admire the scenery as well as play through the story. Red Dead Online is a great way to enjoy this game after the player has explored the single-player option. The game has PvP shootout modes, horse racing, and the option to join a posse.

Other games that are worth our time are GTA V, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, League of Legends, Gears 5, Metro Exodus, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Iron Harvest, and a lot more.

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