Getting Recovery From Severe Addiction

Getting Recovery From Severe Addiction

Why is it necessary to treat drug addiction?

Addiction is a disease, especially a brain disease. It affects severely on brain functioning. It can also result in severe problems like trouble thinking, inability to make decisions, memory loss, mood swings, etc. Most importantly, the brain changes can last for a long time. It is thus necessary to undergo addiction treatment.

How to treat drug addiction?

Some people are able to recover from drug addiction without any support. But some need professional assistance. More often, such people need medical assistance along with psychiatric or psychological assistance. Different medications are prescribed by the doctors depending on what kind of drug the person is addicted to. Along with medication, psychological assistance is of great importance for treating drug addiction.

  • Medical detoxification is needed for treating alcohol abuse. This is the first medication approved for alcoholism.
  • Medication such as Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Levo-alpha-acetylmethadol can be prescribed for those who are addicted to heroin.
  • For alcohol dependency, Naltrexone can be prescribed.
  • Those who are addicted to nicotine can prefer taking Bupropion for easy retrieval.
  • Acamprosate helps to relieve the emotional and physical distress caused by alcohol addiction.
  • Behavioral therapy or counseling plays a vital role in treating the addiction of every type.
  • Family and friends are very important in the success of the medication and behavioral therapies designed for the person looking to get recovered from addiction.

Most often, people, think they can control how much to drug and how often to take the same. But, taking the drugs actually changes the brain and the person becomes drug-addicted. Once, the person becomes addicted to any kind of drug, he needs strong motivation and right medication to recoup. Drug treatment helps the addicted individual stop compulsive drug seeking and use. Active support of each family member can strengthen and extend the benefits of the addiction recovery program.

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