Facebook Tests Platform

Facebook Tests Platform: Facebook is testing a platform named ‘The Re-Entry app’ to help people who are transitioning from prison into society.

The App

Facebook is developing and testing a new service, named The Re-Entry App with the aim to help former prisoners after they are released from prison. This app is being developed to help people to reintegrate into society. This service is a part of the social media giant’s work to create more services for communities that have been overlooked or side lined. The tech giant, with this app, hopes to help people adjust to life after prison more efficiently. Life after prison can get difficult to navigate, making it tougher for a person to gain employment and leaving limited choices in terms of jobs.

According to reports, a few Instagram users found a promotion for the new software called The Re-entry App on their feeds. The notification mentioned that this app aims to help people with preparing for a life after prison with help from the community. Users were asked to click for access, try the app, and help with a feedback. Prisoners are not permitted to use any form of social media from prison. Though the announcement was public to certain users on Instagram, the post was later removed.

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Facebook Platform

The test was confirmed by Facebook. However, the platform also stated that the alert was made public erroneously. The app is in its internal development stage as of now. A representative of the company stated that the app needs work to eliminate various issues that might arise with the app. Facebook also stated that this app is designed with the aim to close gaps that are faced by certain sections of society or communities across their apps.

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The company has been striving to expand its tools for more sections of society and address inequality. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had earlier mentioned that he wanted the company to build products that aid in racial justice. According to reports, Instagram also has an equity team. This team focuses on building features that cater to the needs of various sections of society.

Facebook Tests Platform

Facebook Tests Platform

Though the development of an app aimed at reintegration makes complete sense, there might be some concern regarding data use. Factors like how Facebook uses the user data that has been entered in the app, where this information is stored, and who has access to it, will need to be considered. Though the concept seems slightly risky, it all depends on the working process of the app. We need to see how the app is designed, how it is set up, and what it is made to do.

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It will be interesting to see where the company is focused and what is being developed in terms of catering to the community’s needs. Earlier this year, the company had reworked its hate-speech policies and tightened privacy policies. If these rules weren’t followed, accounts would be deleted, according to the company. Facebook’s previous record with data privacy might raise concerns, however, it seems like a great initiative.