Facebook Launches New Social Skills for Managing Business

Facebook Launches New Social Skills: Marketing of any business on FaceBook needs to be planned well. It is important to have a clear understanding of this social media platform.

A social media manager is multi-skilled. He/she needs to manage multiple factors at one time. This job is a job that requires you 24 x 7. This means managing, monitoring, updating and also getting inspired by other sources and clients.

Essential Skills of a Social Media Manager

This can mean keeping a tab on your community 24 hours and also being creative like an artist, but at the same time have the skills of a ‘data scientist’. As mentioned, this job means multi-tasking with different skills.

  1. Planning Strategy

You need to first get a clear understanding of the big picture. How the social media and the search content works together. You need to define your targeted audience, outline goals and have knowledge of the platforms that can help in scaling your efforts. Social media marketing is definitely complicated, for which, you need the apt tools.

  1. Tactics along with Execution

Tactical execution is of utmost importance to the social media manager’s success on a daily basis. You need to be attentive to detail and understand who needs to be hired to maintain the day to day execution accurately.

  1. Managing Community

Social media is all about creating, followed by observing and responding to the different conversations within the community of the brand. This also includes responding to the different Facebook posts, monitoring tweets, and engaging in the right manner with the advocates of the brand.

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You need to have a clear understanding of how to reply to the different trolls and also negative feedback. This is partly commonsense and partly PR.

  1. Understanding how content works on Social Web

Social media is known to not only deliver but also amplify content from the community and the brand. The manager of social media needs to have a thorough knowledge of what type of content works and what does not work on social media.

This also means having an understanding of the media format, like videos, images, text, and podcasts can resonate with your specific niche.

You need to have knowledge of how to make content move or possibly go viral across FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and any other social network.

  1. Technology and content Optimization

You need to have the knowledge of how to guide the customer down the sales funnel from the discovery step, engagement, following and sales. For this you need to

  • The search engines need to rank high for the phrases and keywords on Google
  • How to convert the traffic once they hit the landing pages

To help with the required ‘Social Skills’, Facebook is now launching a video series of seven parts which aims at providing insights and skills to the social media managers for maximizing their performance.

For this, a wide number of social media managers will be interviewed. They are the ‘success’ stories you can use for inspiration as these people have managed to be successful in their business ventures on FaceBook.