Facebook expands ‘Rise’ Ad Agency Skills Training Program to More Regions


Facebook expands ‘Rise’ Ad Agency Skills Training: Facebook has now announced an expansion of the ‘Rise’ program as aprt of a broader effort to help and support people who have been impacted by the pandemic of COVID-19. This program aims in providing skills training to professionals in ad agencies.

This program was launched last year in Brazil. This program provides Blueprint training of facebook, along with industry insights and connections, for helping agency staff re-skill and upskill for meeting the key demands.

Facebook is now expanding access to ‘Rise’ to industry professionals in Italy, Singapore, Canada and the US.

‘Rise’ Training Courses

The courses of ‘Rise’ are gorgeous and modern and tend to be intuitive for navigation. With images that are not only beautiful but also vibrant, and animation effects that are subtle, the learners appreciate this learning experience online. This is more like browsing a website rather than being held captive by a PowerPoint.

‘Rise’ also makes it easy for you to interact on the course. These makes the learners look forward to this training. The realistic and challenging branching scenarios give the learners a safe space by doing a motivating thing.

In the same way, sorting activities offer the learners an inherently hands-on and inviting way to practice making decisions. All that the learners need to do is click and drag images or words into the categories to get immediate feedback on these choices.

These courses of ‘Rise’ are responsive. This means they can adapt automatically and seamlessly to the device that the learner is using. ‘Rise’ courses can be accessed from anywhere, a tablet, a laptop  or even from the mobile phone.

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This means ‘Rise’ is an ideal option for remote and deskless workers who are dependent on their mobile devices. In short, ‘Rise’ courses are termed ‘perfect’ for anyone who wants to learn.

‘Rise’ on FaceBook

Once you take the initiative of joining the program, you can go through all the training matter that is available.  You can also see all the tips, conversations, and the job chatter on this group.

According to Facebook, this program is open to all the professionals in the world of advertising at any level, who have been affected by furloughs or layoffs in the year, 2020. The participants need to have a minimum of one year experience in an agency for meeting the eligibility criteria.

This works well for learning new skills and also ensures that your knowledge and qualifications can meet the key demand areas. This can expand any opportunity and help in improving the outcome of the client in moving forward.

This will definitely benefit Facebook as people will spend more time on this app. Even though there is secondary motivation, it is good for the professionals of ad agencies to take these courses so that they can ensure that they have a firm grasp of the industry elements that are rising.

This is a training that is easy to take. ‘Rise’ can empower the learners.