Exercising with a Mask: Is it Safe?

Exercising with a Mask

Exercising is a ‘must’ for physical and mental health, but exercising with a mask on? Here we look into the positives and the negatives of exercising when you are wearing a mask.

Peggy Hall, with the Healthy American, offers evidence in a 13 minute video, that the cloth masks might not work as effective as believed. From the beginning of the pandemic, the whole concept of wearing a mask has been debatable. There is enough evidence for masks and against masks.

You have three choice of the mask. The surgical masks are the medical masks that are disposable. Some of these have a metal band on the top so that they can fit smugly. This filters out the large particles and can protect your face against sprays and splashes.

N95 is the next option. This is one type of a respirator. These masks can filter the small and fine particles. The masks with valves on the sides can help you breathe with ease. This valve releases air this is unfiltered, which means there are chances the wearer of these mask spreading the virus.

Cloth Masks Reduce the Supply of Oxygen

With the passing of time you have more fitness centers and gyms re-opening. Now the question arises whether you should wear a mask while exercising or do you need to stay away from this?

Cloth masks do pose a specific problem of retention of moisture, reusing the masks and bad filtration. This can only increase the risks of infection.

Studies proved that health care workers using cloth masks had a high rate of infection. At the same time, the physical barrier offers some type of protection that is not as good as the medical masks.

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Hall has demonstrated in a video that those wearing masks are breathing low levels of oxygen. Reducing the intake of oxygen increases the level of CO2. Most of the people experience discomfort sooner as compared to later.

For optimal health, a human body requires a balance between the CO2 levels and the levels of oxygen.

Gyms to Reduce Infection

This is one reason some people find it difficult to wear a mask, while the others are quite comfortable in it. Doctors and other health care workers wear masks for hours at a stretch. This wearing of a mask while walking or standing is different from wearing a mask when you are exercising.

Fitness centers are making covering the face compulsory and also some are doing the required temperature checks when a customer enters. They are offering classes of small sizes, setting the equipment far apart and also offer sanitizing stations.

These precautions are to ensure reduced exposure in areas that are confined.

Many gyms have left it to the customer to decide whether they want to wear a mask or no.

Working out without adequate supply of oxygen can be extremely dangerous. With the CO2 levels rising, you can go through nausea, difficulties in breathing, headaches, poor concentration and also fatigue. It is safer to use a face shield when exercising.