DesignEvo: How to Make a Successful Corporate Identity Logo


Where does everyone’s first impression of CIS corporate identity and brand marketing come from? Advertising, merchandise, slogan, public relations? The answer is definitely corporate identification logos. Because the corporate logo is not only in the field of design but also in its philosophy and culture. As a result of the difference between corporate growth and corporate or product positioning, logo design will also change accordingly. In addition to its design that can surprise customers, a good corporate identity logo can also convey the company’s philosophy and beliefs to consumers and let consumers You can recognize your company more through CIS corporate identification and logo design.

Suppose you are not a designer. Then how to design a logo? Is there a simple program that can help entrepreneurs who have just started a business and have a tight budget to design a corporate logo? Don’t worry. Please read the article in this chapter. The application and logo design focus of each entrepreneur’s logo design is recommended in this post. If you are interested in logo makers, then look no further.

Logo design recommendation software: DesignEvo

For start-up entrepreneurs, logo design allows your corporate philosophy and product awareness to be effectively transmitted to your customers and saves the cost of logo design so that the budget can be spent on marketing or research and development. The following table shows us I will probably sort out the general logo design market in Taiwan and the important functionality of DesignEvo software.

If you choose DesignEvo’s free logo design software, there are a lot of icons for you to choose, and the design is very user-friendly. Therefore, everyone can still give it a try.

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How to use DesignEvo to make your logo

Login DesignEvo and choose the template

  1. After entering the homepage, click Make a Free Logo.
  2. Then, you will enter the logo creation page. You can input keywords to search for the template, or directly select the theme template you need from the preset categories DesignEvo supported.
  3. Click on the category of “Animals & Pets” for demonstration here and then select a template with a butterfly pattern.
  4. When the template is clicked, the “Enter company name and slogan” window will pop up. You can enter it directly and press “Start” or leave it blank and select “Skip”:

Customize your logo template

  1. After that, you will enter the edit page. First, you can search for pictures from the “icon” in the toolbar. Secondly, you can edit the logo font from the “Text” in the taskbar, and it can be divided into two categories: “Classic” and “Art.” The third tool, “Shape” in the toolbar, can apply different shapes to the logo. Finally, in the “Background” in the toolbar, you can select the background color of the Logo:
  2. After completion, you can select “Preview” to see how the logo is applied to various places, such as business cards, documents, and T-shirts.

Preview your logo effect and download it

  1. Next to “Preview,” there is a “Save” function, which can save the currently edited finished product, but you must register first. After the registration is completed, a verification letter will be sent to the registered mailbox, login to the mailbox, and open the verification Mail, press “Confirm my account” to complete the registration:
  2. The saved Logo design can be found in “My Design” and can be edited whenever you want.
  3. When you feel that the logo has met your expectations, you can click “Download”.
  4. To use the free logo, you need to share DesignEvo to your own social media or website. You can download a logo with no transparent background within 300X300 pixels.
  5. In addition to the free plan, there are also “Basic Plan” and “plus plan” to choose from, for everyone
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That’s all how you can use DesignEvo. Easily? Sure, you can design your logo in minutes. Hope you can find anything useful from this post.