Dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome leads to exhaustion that is long lasting. This fatigue does not reduce with rest or sleep. The symptoms of this syndrome can reduce the quality of life you lead. Diagnosing the CFS can get easy if you are able to recognize the symptoms.

  1. Erratic Sleep Pattern:

For those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, getting sleep is tough, even if you are tired working the whole day long. There also might be a problem to wake up in the morning. There are quite a few who get up several times during the night. This CFS cannot be tackled even if you manage to get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Vertigo:

People suffering from CFS can experience vertigo. They feel the room is spinning and feel dizzy at intervals. This can lead to blurred vision and disorientation. This symptom can be managed with OTC drugs. You can also experience dizziness or light headedness when you stand up or get up too quickly.

  1. Joint and Muscle Pain:

Most of those suffering from CFS go through chronic or acute pain in the joints and muscles. This is not consistent but seems to come and go. There are chances of the muscles and joints getting sore and stiff. This discomfort can continue for weeks at times and play havoc with the quality of life.

  1. Cognitive Problems:

An impaired cognitive function is one of the symptoms of CFS. People suffering from CFS have difficulty in forming thoughts that are coherent. They also find it difficult to express. They go through limitation in the short-term memory. They might find it difficult to understand speech or even talk. There are some people who cannot even read a book.

  1. External Stimuli Sensitivity:
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Suffering from CFS makes you sensitive to sounds and also smell. You can get irritated with a sudden loud noise or probably, a bright advertisement. You can also experience a headache due to this. Earplugs and eye masks can help in bringing down the sensitivity. You can also choose curtains that block light and insulated walls.

  1. Gastrointestinal Problems:

Digesting specific foods is a problem for those suffering from CFS. Consuming meat can cause nausea or eating raw vegetables can lead to a stomach ache ad bloating. Consuming these foods that are triggers can also lead to rashes besides indigestion.

  1. Immune System Weakened:

As your body does not get the required amount of sleep due to CFS, the immune system gets weakened. This means, you tend to get sick more often as compared to normal human beings.

  1. Difficulty in Staying Upright:

Individuals with this syndrome might find it difficult to remain upright for a long period of time. This is known as orthostatic intolerance in medical terms. The body cannot stabilize when you stand up as there is a drop in the blood pressure. As the blood flow does not reach the head, you need to either lie down or sit down before you stand up.

Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

There is no specific treatment for the CFS. The symptoms are treated by the medical professionals. It is advisable to address the symptoms that are most disruptive, first.

  1. a) Treating Depression:

Long term health problems, like the CFS, often lead to depression. Treating this can help you manage life in a better manner. After consulting your doctor, you can take low doses of some anti-depressant so that you can get some sleep.

  1. b) Pain Management:
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Most often, the OTC drugs can help in managing the pain. In case this does not seem to work, there is a possibility that prescription drugs might help.

c)Orthostatic Intolerance:

Some patients suffering from CFS night feel nausea or dizzy. Consult your doctor and take medicines to regulate the heart rhythms and blood pressure.

Choosing Therapy for CFS:

There are many people suffering from CFS who choose therapy to get some relief.

  1. Addresing the Sleep Problems:

Deprivation of sleep makes dealing with the CFS problem all the more difficult. You might be advised to give up on caffeine or even change the routine of bedtime. A machine is used to treat sleep apnea. This delivers air pressure through a mask.

  1. Counseling:

Counseling works well as you can check out the different coping skills. You can also improve family dynamics and address the limitations at school or work.

  1. Exercise:

Exercise can work well only if this is not aggressive. Aggressive routine can only worsen the symptoms and add to the discomfort. You need to choose low intensity exercises and then gradually increase the intensity.

You need to list out your symptoms if you have decided to consult your general practitioner. It is important to be patient and not try to get back to your routine in a hurry.