Corona Virus Rules Affect the Low-paid Workers of Bollywood

Corona Virus Rules Affect the Low-paid Workers of Bollywood

Corona virus has not spared anyone. As known, presently with the Unlock, life seems to be getting back on track but in a controlled manner. There are strict rules to be followed by all types of companies and organizations; this includes the Hindi Film Industry. This lockdown has made a little difference to the different sectors of Bollywood, but the low-paid workers in the industry are going through tough times with unemployment, homelessness and hunger.

Earnings of a Daily Wager:

Different categories of daily wagers are offered different amounts for their work. Besides this, you have a section of Bollywood workers who are freelancers. This section of Bollywood is badly hit as most of them have not been given their salaries and do not know how to go about their lives as there is no work floating around. Most of these stay in rented accommodations and find it tough paying their rents and catering to their basic needs of food and shelter.

Plight of the Low-wage Workers:

There were daily wage earners like the spot boys, tea vendors and more literally asking for help in some way or another from strangers. You can say, they were literally begging for food. This is definitely a demeaning sight, especially for those wanting to earn a living only with hard-work. It is a difficult situation as asking for help can cause a dent to your self-respect but then, at present, there seems to be no other options. You need to survive till things get better.

Inequality in Bollywood:

The ‘behind the screen workers’ are hit badly. This has created a spotlight on the grave inequalities faced by many in India. The middle calls and the wealthy section of the society were comfortable in their homes while these daily wage earners were struggling to get back to their villages. The mass exodus was one of the worst sights witnessed.

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No Back-up:

The Hindi Film Industry generates millions of dollars but there is no place for the daily wage earners. There is no written security and these helpless lots have to depend on day to day earnings to live their lives. It is necessary to plan out some medical insurance and benefits and even pension plans for this section of society so that there are no further problems.

The Hindi Film industry is getting back to its feet but with specific rules and restrictions that have left the daily wage earner high and dry. These restrictions include having a minimum number of people in the sets. This means, most of these workers will have to find alternatives to earn their daily bread. This is, definitely, not easy during these trying times.

This can lead to starvation and death. There might even be an increase in crime due to lack of jobs. It is wiser if the authorities look into this matter and ensure some sort of a livelihood for this section of society. There needs to be compassion and understanding for the total human race and not only for a specific section of society.

Originally posted 2020-08-01 14:27:23.