Converting a PDF to EPUB made easy and some popular online tools

Converting a PDF to EPUB

Let us first have a good look at both PDF and EPUB file formats in brief detail and then we will examine some of the best tools in converting PDF to EPUB.


This file format is for eBooks using the .epub file extension. It is a short form of electronic publications (also stylized as EPUB) and is supported by many online readers. Compatible software for reading these files as well as accessing them on computers and mobile devices are available.

It is a technical standard published by the International Digital Publishing press releases Forum (IDPF) as the sole official international standard. It was adopted in September 2007 which replaced the previous Open eBook standard.

The Book Industry Study Group currently endorses EPUB 3 as the sole primary format for content regarding eBooks and eBook reading devices. The body also called for the global book publishing industry to go for a unified single standard. The EPUB format was implemented as an archive file containing XHTML files which carry content, images and other supported files.

This format is also among the most widely supported XML based eBook format which does not depend on any kind of vendors. In fact, it is supported by almost all hardware supporting eBooks (except Kindle).


A PDF file is a suitable file format helping in making and readability of eBooks quite easy. If users want to open an eBook in hardware supporting eBooks (like Amazon’s Kindle and B&N Nook) then they need to convert it into an EPUB format first.

Is converting an EPUB file to PDF a daunting task?

For those who are not aware of the process, converting a PDF file to EPUB can be difficult. Once they understand how to do it, and when done correctly; the process then becomes quite easy and is quick to do too. It also may not matter what kind of operating system is in use too.

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Here are some tools worth using


It is an open-source tool which ranks among the best eBook software tools for Windows, MacOS and Linux. The file conversion feature is the main feature along with its wide range of tools. Here is how users can convert their PDF files to EPUB through this top-notch PDF to EPUB converter.

Step 1

Users can drag and drop the PDF file which can be converted to EPUB using the Calibre software app. Alternatively, users can also click on the add books icon present on the top left side and then select add books from a single directory. Afterwards, they can choose the PDF they wish to convert to EPUB.

Step 2

Then users should highlight the book they need to convert from the main-window list. Then they should click on the button with the title ‘convert books.’

Step 3

Users can then select the EPUB output format using the drop down menu present on the right-hand side. From there they can thus make the necessary adjustments to both the title and other details present.

Step 4

Once the conversion is complete, users can click on the jobs icon in the bottom right side to find out more options. When they click on show job details, they will see where the file was posted and from there, they can now use their newly converted EPUB document any way they can.

EPUBator (Android)

The EPUBator app for Android allows users to convert PDFs directly on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). It is easy to use and is a primary go-to solution for those looking to convert PDF files in their mobile devices whenever they are on the move.

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Step 1

Users should download the app and launch it. Afterwards, they should tap on the convert PDF option.

Step 2

Users should then locate the folder on their mobile device which contains the PDF they wish to convert to EPUB. Once they found the file, they should select it.

Step 3

The conversion process should start automatically. Once it is completed, users should tap on verify EPUB to confirm the conversion works as intended. The new EPUB file should be in the same folder as the original PDF file.

In case users wish to stop the conversion due to any reason, they can tap on stop to halt the process.