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A powerful add from Adidas: Together is how we make change.

Together is how we move forward. ⁣Together is how we make change. https://t.co/U1nmvMhxB2— adidas (@adidas) May 30, 2020

10 Female Celebs Who Had Lesbian Affairs

Anna Paquin This X-Men turned HBO actress married her “True Blood” co-star Stephen Moyer. They also have children together, but that does not mean she...

7 Hottest Political Daughters

Who knew politics could be so fine!? With the after party generally the only political party we’re in favor of, these political daughters are...

These 10 Presidents Caught Acting Unpresidential

The Many Faces Of Dubya We’d rate GWB’s impersonation of this sobbing baby a solid 8/10. He’s the ultimate chameleon, going from impersonations to addressing...

These 8 Photos That Prove Global Warming Is Real

War of the Worlds The world of animals and the world of plants are meant to live together in perfect harmony, but when humans get...

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