Car Accident Attorney, Jacksonville

Car Accident Attorney, Jacksonville

Car Accident Attorney, Jacksonville: As known, a car accident can be a life-changing experience. This can be a long process of not only recovering and healing but also mental stress, and medical bills. This works out all the more long when you do not have a car accident attorney, Jacksonville and are expected to file the insurance claim and ensure you get the deserved settlement.

Morgan & Morgan is one law firm that has been fighting car accident cases for a very long time. Our team of experts can help you bring down the level of stress and ensure you have enough time to recover without getting involved in the many formalities. In short, we take over and help you get the deserved settlement.

What should you do after a Car Accident?

If you are hurt in a car accident, the insurance company of the ‘at-fault’ driver will contact you. This insurance adjuster will ask many questions or probably even ask for a recorded statement or to grant them access to your medical records. Most often, you are offered a specific amount as settlement.

Before you go through all this, you need to contact your law firm so that they can handle the insurance adjuster and make sure you are not hassled. For sure, our team at Morgan & Morgan can help you getting the total settlement without giving in to the amount offered by the insurance.

Insurance companies need to protect their profits. They look to pay as little as possible or even try not to pay at all.

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What Damages can be recovered in a Car Accident, Jacksonville?

In case you have suffered any physical injury or even an emotional injury, the team of attorneys at Morgan & Morgan can ensure total compensation for all the pain you are going through. The amount of damages our attorney seeks will depend on the circumstances and specific facts in your case. The damages pursued by the team of attorneys are

  1. Economic Damages:

The economic damages can be determined via the different documentation and also testimony of the experts. This includes the medical expenses of the past and the future, decrease in the capacity of earning in the future and lost income.

  1. Non-economic Damages:

These damages are determined only after considering the severity of the car accident, Jacksonville and the effect this has on the victim’s quality of life. There are many victims suffering from emotional distress and depression due to the car accident.

Common Injuries due to Car Accident:

The Morgan & Morgan team of lawyers have worked with car accident victims who have suffered from many different injuries.

a)Back injuries that also include herniated discs.

  1. b) Brain and head injuries
  2. c) Injuries of the spinal cord that can result in paralysis

d) Neck injuries

  1. e) Facial injuries.

Most of the above mentioned injuries are definitely life-changing. Besides the very expensive medical costs, the victim cannot plan for the future. Many victims of car accidents also suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) with anxiety.

This means, it is only just if the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan fight for a full and fair compensation for our clients.

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