Can You Have a Second Wave of COVID-19 If the First One Never Ended?


COVID-19: It has been seen that the corona virus is resurging in many different places and into new populations. These places are those who have let their guard down too soon or took this virus lightly and did not really believe the severity of this. New Jersey and New York were hit hard when the virus first arrived. The cases in these states declined with lockdown measures implemented, mandated use of face masks and other strategies.

Through June and July, the virus has hit the southern and western states of the country. The number of cases in June has surpassed the peak rate of the spread in April. Due to the increase in number, most Americans are wondering if this is the second wave of the corona virus. The United States is not going through a second wave as the first wave has not stopped.

Second Wave of COVID-19:

A large wave of rise in the infections followed by a drastic fall is considered to be a wave. There is no specific definition as to when a wave starts and when this finishes. For the second wave of the virus, you need to consider two important factors. The transmission needs to be bought down to an extremely low level by controlling the virus. This is considered as the end of the first wave. The virus, then, needs to reappear and increase to a large extent for this to be considered as a second wave.

What could a Second Wave look like?

There is a possibility of the virus being controlled by the U.S before a vaccine is developed. How will the virus behave during the second wave largely depends on the behavior of the people and those in charge. A virus can get deadly when there is a mutation and the public go back to their normal lives in a hurry.

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This corona virus seems to be much more stable as compared to the virus of the Spanish flu, which means, there are less chances of mutation into a deadly variant. That leads to the behavior of humans as the only risk factor.

It is important to follow specific guidelines by the government to stop the first wave. This means, social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands frequently and avoiding crowded places are the main factors. With the surge in cases it is necessary to wait before reopening different states.

Different states in the US are going through different situations presently. There are specific states where the first wave of the corona virus is ending. There are also states that are somewhere in between and those that are only in the first wave. You also have states experiencing local second waves of this virus.

These trends depend on the behavior of the different states. This virus travels wherever there are people who are susceptible and till the time there is an end to community spread. At present the new deaths are not climbing but the ICU’s have reached the full capacity.

Originally posted 2020-07-28 05:56:33.