California Man Loses fingers due to COVID-19

California Man Loses fingers due to COVID-19

The corona virus seems to be taking over all the body parts of a human being slowly and steadily. This virus is showing different colors of damage and destruction to the human race. This is a virus that attacks the respiratory system, causes pneumonia and probably death. COVID-19, as the disease is termed, is dangerous more for the older generation and those with co morbidities. Every day you have a different ‘horror’ story published of this very dangerous virus.

Here is a ‘horror’ story of Greg Garfield, who has finally recovered from this dreadful disease but has paid a price. He has lost most of his fingers to this disease. He has warned people to take this virus seriously as there are a number of people who refuse to believe the existence of COVID-19 or the new corona virus.

Greg Garfield, a 54 year old man was one of the first cases of COVID-19. He got infected in February during a ski trip he took along with his friends to Italian Alps. All the 13 friends had tested ‘positive’ but Greg’s case turned out to be the worst. The doctors attending to him gave him only 1% chance of surviving this infection.

He admits that medically he should not be here as he had all the possible complications you can think of. Liver failure, kidney failure, sepsis, burst lungs; pulmonary embolisms are just some of the complications he faced.

Garfield was treated at the Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank and known as “patient zero” due to his medical condition. He was on a ventilator for nearly half the time of the 64 days he was admitted.

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Small victories were celebrated by his girlfriend, A.J.Johnson.

His leaving the hospital in early May became viral but unfortunately, had to get most of his fingers on the right hand and some on the left hand amputated. He admits to feeling better but also knows the fact that his hands are never going to be ‘normal’ again.

Garfield and his girlfriend, Johnson wants the people in the U.S and more so, from the state of California, to take the necessary precautions and wear masks. There is a way of getting out of this madness and the only way to do so presently is to practice social distancing and ensure you wear masks when you step out of the house or are interacting with anyone.

There is no politics involved. All you need to understand how dangerous this virus is and how this can affect lives.

Garfield needs almost 6 surgeries to reconstruct his fingers and probably get a prosthetic to fit over his right hand. Most of the medical bills have been covered by insurance but he does require funds for the prosthetic. These funds are being raised by his brother on GoFundMe.

The Corona virus is for ‘real’ and not a cooked-up story as many believe. Wearing a mask does not require much of an effort.

Originally posted 2020-08-10 07:34:35.