Bollywood at a Stand-still due to the Corona virus

Bollywood at a Stand-still due to the Corona virus
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Bollywood: As known, the world has come to a stand-still due to the COVID-19; this also includes the Mega Hindi film industry, Bollywood. This virus does not differentiate and has proved that no one is above nature. You find empty cinema halls, sets and all those ‘high and mighty’ stars with empty diaries and no appointments.

Movies postponed:

Not only the industry, but even the fans were all excited five months back as there were a wide range of good movies lined up for release. Then, the ‘Lockdown’ happened. This seems to be never ending as the virus is on a rampage and has no intentions of giving up on the human race.

Losses and more losses is what the Bollywood industry is experiencing at this moment. There were movies planned for release on specific public holidays to ensure good collections. Everything is gone for a toss. All the plotting and planning has lead to a ‘ZERO’. Most of those connected to the film industry have realized that nature is definitely bigger than all and priorities have to change in situations like this.

Time and more Time:

Most of the filmstars find themselves ‘empty’ with all the time of the world. They seem to have developed new hobbies and are experimenting with household chores. Some of them have taken to remain fit and concentrate more on this ‘fit and beauty’ factors.

Some of the stars are educating their fans and the general public on the new norms and regulations to be followed during this pandemic.

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Helping Hand:

Many in this film family have come forward to help in some way or another. You have film stars like Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma donating millions to the PM fund for the daily wagers who lost their jobs during the lockdown.

You also have Sonu Sood who became the ‘National’ hero for stepping up and helping the migrant laborers reaching their native places. He arranged for a number of buses and also train tickets. There were many laborers who managed to get an opportunity of flying down to their villages. For these people, Sonu Sood was the ‘ultimate’ hero.

Most of the production houses and studios have given up planning for any type of future as there is no indication when the pandemic will stop. No one can say anything about ‘life getting back to normal’.

The Paparazzi:

The paparazzi is facing big time trouble as most of the stars have decided on staying indoors and not taking any chances with the corona virus. You even have the malls and the gyms shut so there is really, nothing to do. You can say everyone has taken a beating due to a small virus.

Tours re-scheduled and photo shoots cancelled:

Most of the stars have either cancelled or postponed their tours and photo shoots. This means, the total film fraternity is probably terrified of the virus like the rest of us.

This is a ‘wait and watch’ situation where the Bollywood is waiting and watching for the normal to become a routine.