Body Language Speaks Volumes


Keeping women hooked with the right body language

If you ask me, body language can actually make or break relationships. You may have a lot of love for your girl and you may want to shower her with a lot of affection. But unless you send her the right message through your body language, there is no way she will know. No matter what you speak, your thoughts and words must always be complemented by the right body language. As compared to men, women are more sensitive to body language.

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  • If you want to keep your woman hooked, feel and look confident. You must even add a dash of arrogance for that extra flavor.
  • To look attractive and sexy, hold your head up, keep shoulders back and walk upright. With a few days practice, you can perfect this.
  • Never look too hurried or flustered around women. Calculated gestures and slow movements are sure to convey a strong message of confidence, mystery and intrigue. Practice to perfection slow turning of your head, blinking and changing of gestures.
  • Making direct eye contact speaks volumes about your confidence and character. When you see women, make eye contact and ensure you do not look away until they do.
  • To show women that you are open to conversation, use your body to convey this message. Open up your physiology. Take more space while seated by keeping your legs and arms uncrossed.
  • When you stand, keep your shoulders back and legs apart. Leaning back displays your confidence better than leaning forward. While dealing with a woman you are dating or just any woman you are trying to attract, these little details can make a lot of difference.
  • When you speak to women, create an air of confidence and power with serious looks. Pause a few times effectively in between sentences and combine a string of pauses to make her wonder what you are thinking.
  • No communication is effective without the right number of pauses at the right times. Get girls talking to you using your seductive tone. No one can resist. Guaranteed!
  • Keep the right balance between arrogance and attentive concern. The mark of an appealing man is to listen carefully when women talk to you and respond appropriately making her feel good.
  • Work on vocal inflections, eye contact, the right usage of hands and legs and you can really connect to your women.
  • Exude a lot of confidence. You can even take tips from your favorite actor who is a women’s favorite. Emulate James Bond and you can never go wrong!
  • When you talk to a woman, the sure-shot way to make her feel special is to keep your hands comfortable rather than putting them into your pocket. Sport a laid back look and ensure that her attention is on you rather than on your fidgeting hands.
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Follow these tips and you will sure as hell attract more women than you need with your suave and sophisticated body language. It isn’t as difficult as you think!