Blood Sugar Testing – How to Test Your Blood Sugar Level?

Blood Sugar Testing

Blood sugar testing is an important part of controlling and treating diabetes. It is very vital to know your blood sugar levels to keep track of your blood sugar level and when it has risen or fallen off the target range. It also helps prevent emergency treatments. You can also track and record blood glucose readings and monitor how food, exercise, and medication can affect it.  Luckily, you can do blood sugar monitoring anytime and anywhere. You can get a blood sugar reading within a minute.

Testing Your Blood Sugar

Whether testing once a day or various times, it is very important to follow a test routine to get true results, prevent infection, and monitor healthy blood sugar.

  • Wash your hand with soapy water and dry properly with a clean towel. When using an alcohol swab, be sure to get the area dry properly before you start testing.
  • Get a clean lancet device ready – a spring-laden device which holds a lancet (needle) that pricks the end of a finger – and insert the clean needle.
  • Remove a test strip from the box of strips or bottle and close it properly to avoid contamination.
  • Insert the strip into the meter before collecting blood to add the blood sample to the strip if it is in the meter. If you have an older meter, first put the blood on the strip and then strip in the meter.
  • Stick the side of the fingertip with a needle. Some blood sugar monitors let testing on various areas of the body, such as an arm. Read the manual carefully to ensure that you are collecting blood from the correct area.
  • Collect a drop of blood on a test strip and ensure that you have a proper amount of blood for reading. Let just the blood, instead of skin to touch the strip. Residue from medication or food may affect the results.
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