Bill Gates Software to Now Scan Kids to Access Schools

Bill Gates Software to Now Scan Kids to Access Schools

The Daily Pass is an app designed by Bill Gates. This app is like a ticket for children in LA (Los Angeles) for going to school.

Vaccine verification and digital health passports are social engineering and data collection designed to control your movements and change your behavior.

These digital passports are given to the public, who is already frustrated and tired of mask-wearing and lockdowns and is looking forward to for some normalcy. This is dangled as a freedom mechanism. Adults are now required to show a recent negative test report of COVID-19 and proof of vaccine not only before they travel but also if they visit a theater, go to a restaurant or attend a concert.

Health Pass required for Children to attend School

LAUSD (Lon Angeles Unified School District) announced a web app specifically built for the district. The superintendent called this “golden ticket in Willy Wonka”. This allows any individual with this pass an easy entry into the school.

Micorsoft developed this app for generating a unique QR code daily and this is scanned everyday by the school system. The students are not allowed entry into the school without this code. This code is generated only after the student has got a ‘negative’ test result for COVID-19, the temperature reported needs to be below 100  and also can answer the health questions every day, on this app. According to the school, this procedure needs only two minutes of your time.

In order to generate this daily pass, the student needs to be ‘negative’ using the PCR test. The LAUSD has informed the parents that the students are recommended the nasal swabs, but saliva test is permissible.

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The students also need to confirm that they have not been in close proximity with anyone who is suffering from COVID-19.

The user is told that the information given will be confidential, but this might not be possible with the hackers gaining access even to federal government data.

Health Passport

For introducing the app to the students and the parents, the district came forward with a video. This claimed to be a solution for those children who are scared of falling sick.

There was a Twitter handle captioning this video as ‘dystopian nightmare’.

The specific explainer video introduces this app as a perfect solution. After the student has gone through the first day at school and followed the norms to ‘T’, the cartoon in the explainer video announces to her father that she is not scared of going to school.

The vaccine passports and the Daily Pass, the app, may morph into the health passports in 2021 and 2022. That is, only if these are accepted. You may experience strict limitations to indoor events, travel and socialization without vaccine, even though at this time this is voluntary.

Besides the Daily Pass, the CommonPass app is intended to be a health passport where the user uploads medical data that is far beyond the vaccination.

Children, those who wear masks, are suffering psychological, physical and behavioral harm.