Best Alexa Devices to Install in Your Home

alexa device

Do you want to do your homework for you? Do you want to make your home modern? Even a simple home can be smarter. Have all your devices at your beck and call by connecting them with Alexa. You can manage everything from doorbells to security cameras. First off, you need a Smart Hub Controller.

It is operated with a mobile app. You can use it to control all of your home devices. If you connect the hub with Alexa, you can give the command to your devices. You can connect 64 devices with this instrument, and thereby, it is an ideal device to control your home. With this device, you can adjust the brightness of the light and set a morning alarm. It all sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Have your home with a higher IQ with the following Alexa devices:

Alexa Devices: Philips Hue Smart Hub – $99.76

This hub will let you control all Philips devices of your home. By connecting it to Alexa, you can control Philips smart lights with your voice command. You can control them from anywhere.

If you have forgotten to switch off and away from your home, open the app and turn it off. Now you do not need to live in doubt and come back home. You can automate them by setting timers. The best part of this hub is it can be operated from any mobile device.

Alexa Devices: Blink Indoor Security Camera – $69.99

No more worries about recharging and replacing batteries while using Blink Indoor Security Camera. It is an indoor wireless camera and comes with two-year battery life. Since it is a wireless camera, you can install it anywhere, and you can move if you need to do so. It will let you have clear vision in the pitch dark because it comes with infrared night vision.

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You will have a Blink Monitor App on your mobile phone where you will get all notifications whenever necessary. If you connect this device with Alexa, you can control it with your voice. It also provides a two-way audio speaker so you can communicate with a person who rings your doorbell.

Alexa Devices: Ring Video Doorbell – $139.99

Loaded with additional features, Ring Video Doorbell ensures more safety and security when you are in or out of your house. Compared to other security models, it offers better motion detection features.

Since it comes with better Wi-Fi connectivity, you will have a constant supply of the footage, and you will be notified immediately if any slight motion is detected.

It provides footage in 1080p HD format, which means you can see everything even in the dark. It comes with a two-way audio feature that allows you to communicate with the person standing at your doorstep.

Arlo Wire Free Video Doorbell – $199.99

This doorbell is not an ordinary doorbell. This can do what traditional doorbells cannot. It provides better security with more clarity, a rechargeable battery, and a wider view. You can install it anywhere and move if necessary.

The best part of this doorbell is battery power longevity. You can use it for six months with a one-time battery recharge. With 180 degrees wider viewing angle, you can see a large area and more clearly the front space. Nothing can hide with such a wider viewing area.

It operates with Wi-Fi and can detect even the slightest motion. This doorbell can let you see the person at your doorstep from head to toe or spot a package on the ground. So next time when you order food, cosmetics, or medicines, you can see the whole delivery boy with a package.

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As a visitor presses the doorbell, you will receive a video call too so you could talk to the visitor. It also provides a voice message feature in case you are not able to attend the call. The night is no longer a problem because it can let you see clearly in the dark too. It has a built-in siren that you can trigger to drive away from an unwanted visitor.

It also works with Alexa. Just ask it to show your camera’s view of the Echo. Apart from Alexa, it works with Apple Watch and Google Home Hub.

C by GE LED Light Strip – $64.82

Fill your home with infinite colors. You can switch between red, plum, green, blue, every day and relaxation colors. You can connect the light strip with either direct Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth.

Whatever the option you follow to connect the strip, you will have all smart features like controlling colors, scheduling, and much more. Other features include it is Alexa compatible device, works with Hey Google, and you can control it even when you are out of the home.

With these additional features, you can control such lights with your voice. Scheduling will help you save on energy and increase your convenience. Now you do not need to step into a dark house.

All lights will turn on just before your arrival. Don’t you remember if you switched off lights while leaving your home? Do not worry because you can do it with your mobile app. Now get more peace of mind as you can regulate it even being out of the house.

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Making your home smarter is no rocket science now. All you need to do is to install a relevant app on your mobile phone and connect them with Alexa so you can give a voice command. These devices are not very expensive.

Whether you are looking to buy for you or you want to gift these items to your loved ones, you can easily afford them. However, if you have some cash problems, personal loans can help you fill the gap.

Select the item you want to buy for yourself, read reviews, and get knowledge of how to use them. These gadgets will make your home modern and smart. If you are a bad credit rating, you can use bad credit loans to buy these gadgets.