Auto Accident Attorney, Colorado Springs

Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accident attorney, Colarodo Springs is essential. There are chances that you might be involved in a car accident. This is definitely painful and a big stress. Not having any attorney, only adds to the stress. You need to decide on an attorney as soon as you buy a car so that you do not have to rush at the end moment.

The Sawaya Law firm has been fighting legal battles since decades to ensure that their clients can get the right settlement that they deserve. Our team of professionals ensures that the client gets all the compensation that they deserve when involved in an accident.

Why you need an Attorney after a Car Accident?

There are chances that the insurance company might try their best to convince you that there is no requirement of an attorney. This is not so as these companies normally, try to get away by paying less.

The Sawaya Law Firm and their team of experts take the following steps on your behalf.

  1. Conduct a thorough investigation on the crash.
  2. Work with the experts on the reconstruction of the accident.
  3. Gather and study all the medical records.
  4. Calculating damages.
  5. Demanding full and fair compensation on your behalf.
  6. Going to the court if the demands are not met.
  7. Take care of the claim of property damage.

This law firm helps the victims of an auto accident on the basis of contingency fees. This means, the legal fees is contingent on the law firm till the time you receive your settlement. In case our team is unable to get you the compensation, you do not need to make any payment.

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Causes of Car Accidents:

There are different reasons for car accidents in Colorado Springs. One of the major causes is negligence by the driver. With the attorney of Sawaya Law firm taking over the case, the first step taken is to determine the cause of the accident.

Negligence of the driver includes

a)Refusing to yield the right way


  1. c) Speeding
  2. d) Making lane changes that are unsafe.
  3. e) Distracted driving
  4. f) Talking on the phone or even texting while driving
  5. g) Driving while impaired with drugs or alcohol
  6. h) Fatigued driving.

Car accidents are not only due to negligence; this can also be due to a faulty part in the vehicle. In case this is the cause of the accident you can get justice via the product liability lawsuit not only against the manufacturer but also the other parties responsible.

There are some auto accidents due to poor design of the road or lack of maintenance. The Sawaya Law firm also takes up such cases. A government agency involved in this can be held accountable.

Proving Liability in an Auto Accident:

If the accident is caused by another driver, our team of attorneys can get the required evidence from footage of the surveillance camera, photos taken at the scene of accident, cell phone records and more.

Our team of attorneys can help you with economic damages and also the non-economic damages.