Are there any proven Alzheimers prevention strategies?

Alzheimers prevention

Are there any proven Alzheimers prevention strategies?

Alzheimers prevention:-

According to the experts, Alzheimer’s is similar to other chronic diseases that develop, probably, as a result of interactions that are complex between different factors, including genetics, age lifestyle, environment, and also coexisting medical conditions. Genes and age are two factors that cannot be changed, but the other factors like lack of exercise and high blood pressure can be changed to bring down the risk.

Heart and Head Connection:

There are many conditions that increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These are also factors that increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Research has proved that almost 80% of those suffering from Alzheimer’s have cardiovascular diseases.

There is more research needed to understand the link between Alzheimer’s and vascular health.

Challenging your Mind:

Those who stay social and continue learning have fewer chances of developing Alzheimer’s. This mental stimulation works like a workout for the brain.

Staying Active:

Exercise helps not only in maintaining the overall physical health but is very important also for the mental health of an individual. Studies have proved that regular exercise can bring down the risk of Alzheimer’s by nearly 50%. This can slow down deterioration in those people who have started to develop cognitive problems. You need to ensure at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. This can be a combination of strength exercises and cardio. Walking and swimming can work well for those who are starting on exercise.

A Healthy Diet:

In Alzheimer’s, insulin resistance and inflammation injure the neurons and inhibit the communication between the different brain cells. Alzheimer’s is also termed as ‘diabetes of the brain’. There is a strong link between signal processing systems and metabolic disorders. You can reduce the levels of inflammation by making changes in your diet.

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Make sure you cut down on the intake of sugar and include Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. A Mediterranean diet works well when you are looking for a specific diet for good health. A healthy snack means having a salad or some fruit when you are hungry. Try eating home-cooked food as this is not only hygienic but definitely, healthier.

You can include alcohol in your diet but make sure this is in moderation. That is one or a maximum of 2 drinks and nothing more than this.

Quality Sleep:

There are a number of connections between Alzheimer’s and poor sleeping patterns. A good amount of quality sleep helps in flushing out the toxins from the brains. In other words, this helps in keeping your brain healthy.

To help you with your sleep you need to fix a schedule. Make sure you hit the bed at the same time every night. You can indulge only on the weekends. Ensure discipline in your daily routine and this can be helpful in getting all the quality sleep you so need.

Finally, keep away from stress. Do what it takes to relax. If this is tough for you, try meditating.