Apple Announces iPhone 12 Without Charger: Mocked By Samsung

Apple Announces iPhone 12 Without Charger

Apple announced its new iPhone 12 at a recent event. The company confirmed that the new iPhone 12 box will not include wired headphones or wall pin-chargers. The move was termed eco-friendly by the company. The announcement came after months of rumors that it would take this step.

In May, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that the new series of iPhones would not come with EarPods or chargers. The same theory was put forth by Barclays a little while later. The company stated that there are around 2 billion Apple chargers all over the globe. Moreover, customers have 700 million Lightning headphones. They added that the move would reduce over 2 million metric tons of carbon which is equivalent to 450,000 cars.

A lot of people have expressed displeasure regarding the plan as many current owners sell the chargers of their phone before upgrading. Earlier, when Apple had removed the headphone jack from its iPhone 7, other manufacturers were expected to follow its example. The same is the case this time. A report in July had claimed that Samsung was considering a move similar to Apple, by removing chargers and headphones from the box. However, if a recent post by Facebook is considered, the company does not have intentions of doing so.

Samsung released a post, which appears to mock the tech giant for its move. The Korean company, in a post about the Galaxy model, mentioned that these phones still come equipped with chargers. According to the post, the company mentioned that the Galaxy phone will have what the customer is looking for, from basics like a charger too much more.

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The post quickly became very popular, garnering more than 54,000 shares and 80,000 reactions. Samsung’s post left many with a smile on their faces. Among the reactions were also hopes that Samsung did not end up imitating Apple’s move. From comments expressing mirth at the shade thrown to expressing love for Samsung’s humor, the post saw it all. Some users even went further calling it corporate trolling and giving the company a 10/10 for its post.

Samsung has done this before. The company had publicly mocked Apple earlier when the company had removed 3.5 mm jacks. Samsung had mocked Apple for removing the headphone jack with an ad that was titled ‘Growing Up’.  However, the Korean company followed suit soon after, by removing the said jack from their low-end phones. Galaxy 10 subsequently became the first flagship phone by Samsung that came without a headphone jack. The ads were then removed from all social media platforms.

Xiaomi also poked fun at Apple’s move in a post on Twitter. Though the company said that it doesn’t leave anything out of its box, it has been selling phones with headphones for a while now.

Samsung is shipping the Galaxy S21 with a 25W fast charger according to MySmartPrice, a Chinese certification site. The same charger was shipped with the Galaxy S20 too. We need to wait and watch if Samsung decides to drop chargers from its lower-end devices.