Akshay Oberoi gets good roles via the OTT and not films

Akshay Oberoi

When discussing the dominance of the OTT platform at present times happening so fast, actor Akshay Oberoi feels that digital platforms are here for keeps. He admits he is all for the theatrical experience.

He was one of the very few actors who joined the OTT bandwagon early on. He is extremely pleased to see where these OTT platforms have reached in the current times.

This talented actor admits that he is a hungry actor and needs to act and he wanted to go for the good parts. He managed to get these only via the OTT platforms and not films. He states that OTT has not only good directors but also good writers and different kinds of people coming together for creating something magical. Oberoi admits that this was small when he had started off but he was sure that this was the ideal platform.

This 35-year-old adds that as everyone has a smartphone and prefers watching individually as compared to community watching due to scarcity of time.

This actor has a good line up of different projects on the web. These include ‘It’s Not That Simple’, ‘The Test Case’, ‘The Bar Code’, ‘Flesh’, Selection Day’ and more.

Akshay Oberoi admits to being a lover of cinema and states that there is no way cinema is going to die down in terms of releases in the theater. At the same time, he is glad about the current changes. He feels that this is a major change in India and was much-needed. According to this actor, this is the only way that you can ensure an increase in the competition.  With an increase in the competition, you get better and the products are definitely more superior.

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He is excited about the future of cinema.

To ensure that he does not lose out on the momentum, Oberoi has continued shooting for some of his projects even during the pandemic. He adds that this experience was not good.

He was shooting for a few days for the series ‘High’ and found it difficult. HE admits that during the pandemic shooting gets difficult as you are so concerned about the many external things happening and found this no fun.

Akshay Oberoi is all eager to play negative characters as, according to him, these roles can stretch you as an actor and this is one way you can surprise yourself and also the audience. He is seen playing the role of a drug addict, Shiv Mathur, in ‘High’ that has been released on MX Player.

In an interview, he says that he was made in a way that made him play different roles. He did not want the audience to see him in only one kind of role. He wanted to break the stereotypes as he cares only about acting at the end of the day. He feels that this is one way to stand out.  In the past few years, he has been accepting all types of roles so that he can show he is able to do justice to the role.