Actress Bhagyashree regrets not valuing her success early in her career

Actress Bhagyashree

It was the year 1990 when Bhagyashree tied the knot with Himalaya Dasani, a businessman.  She is a mother of two children, a daughter and a son. Abhimanyu Dasani, her son, made his debut in the year 2019.

Bhagyashree climbed the ladder of fame with her debut in Bollywood, with ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ with Salman Khan. After this movie, this actress preferred keeping a low profile and concentrating on her family. She worked in films off and on, but focused only on her personal life.

After all these years, Bhagyashree is all set to win the hearts of her fans. She has taken up quite a few projects. Two of the major films are ‘Radhe Shyam’ that also stars Pooja Hedge and Prabhas and ‘Thalaivi’ starring Arvind Swami and Kangana Ranaut.

Talking to Indian Express, the star spoke on how she got all the fame but gave it away. Talking about her first film, ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, Bhagyashree admitted she liked doing the movie and enjoyed the total process of this. She added that she loved being on the set and remembers each and every day very vividly. She stated that it was during the making of this movie she realized how much she loved being in front of the camera and also loved acting.

This Bollywood star admitted that this process of learning to love what she does was very important. For her it was all about embarking on a journey and learning a profession. She now realizes that she had taken this all very lightly and did not make the most of it.

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Bhagyashree adds that she has now realized the value of all the hard work everyone tends to put in while making a film. She agrees that the artists put in a lot of effort to get the success she had enjoyed in the past. She admits to getting her success early in life and that too, easily. She feels that she was not true to her God, and did not show any gratitude.

Today she has learnt to value what she had then. She feels that if people yet remember the character ‘Suman’ that she had played in the movie, she must have done something memorable and right. She knows that she has to be more grateful for whatever work she gets now, in her second innings.

She talks about the values the story of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ taught the audience and feels that this might not be possible during these present times as the present generation is all about instant gratification.

Talking about her upcoming projects, Bhagyashree is all nervous and excited equally. She is excited about this new chapter in her life and getting back to doing something she really loves. She manages to keep the nervousness in the backburner and lets the excitement take over. She wishes to remember the journey in that light.

All you can do is wait and watch how this second innings of ‘Suman’ of ‘Maine Pyar kiya’ is charted out.