A Perfect Solution For Healthy Hair Secrets

A Perfect Solution for Healthy Hair

Long, lustrous, shiny, and healthy hair is what most girls dream of. This is the ‘crowning glory’ and it is important to ensure healthy hair, especially more so if you are ‘beauty conscious’.

This cannot be possible if you are lazy. You need to make an effort and ensure the good health of your hair. Choosing products that are natural is one safe way to go about this. Ensure you stay away from all those chemical-laden hair colors or other hair products. It is best to leave this natural. You need to keep away from curlers and dryers to ensure no damage is done to your hair.

Here are some tips to help you get healthy hair.

  1. Managing wet Hair:

Wet hair is more fragile as compared to dry hair. This means it can break very easily. Be a little bit gentler especially after you have shampooed your hair. Let it dry naturally and comb this only after it is ‘almost’ dry. Combing wet hair is damaging your hair. For a little comfort use a shower cap after you have washed your hair.

  1. Extreme Weather Protection:

Your hair, just like your skin, needs additional protection during extreme weather conditions, be it summer or winter. Limit the exposure as this can help in good hair health. Even if you need to go out using a hat or a cap for protection. You can even use a colorful scarf that goes well with your outfit. Not only your hair is protected but you can also make a ‘fashion’ statement’.

  1. Regular and Right Conditioning:

Your hair needs conditioning after every wash. This can prevent the dryness and the frizziness of your hair. Right conditioning is what you need to aim for. This means you need to apply the conditioner a minimum of 2 inches from the scalp.

  1. Pillow Covers of Satin:

Not many are aware that satin used for a pillow cover can decrease hair breakage. Any other material used can be rough for your hair. This is due to the texture.

  1. No Tight Hair Ties:

Why not use scrunchies for tying your hair instead of hair ties that are tight. The hair ties can break your hair and also cause friction.

  1. Hair Wash with Coldwater:

Hot water used for hair wash is a guarantee for ‘hair damage’. Swap to using cold water for washing your hair and see the difference in the health of your hair. Talking about cold water, you need to ensure this is not freezing cold but at room temperature. Even if you use warm water for shampooing your hair, the final rinse after conditioning needs to be with cold water.

  1. Regular Massage for your Hair:

Spend a wee bit more and invest in a good oil for a hair massage. Your scalp needs a lot of effort so that this is well moisturized. This massage has been used for decades to ensure healthy hair.

  1. Choosing Hair Brushes:

Shopping for a hairbrush, it is important to concentrate on ‘quality’. This comb or hairbrush used can gently massage your hair and keep your scalp healthy. Change the brushes and combs every three months and ensure these are kept clean.

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Besides this, you need to make sure that you are well hydrated and your diet is nutritious and healthy. This will benefit your overall health besides the health of your hair and skin.