8 Tips for using social media messaging apps online

8 Tips for using social media messaging apps online

Social Media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are now being used extensively due to the pandemic lockdown and the social distancing norm. This has increased the risks that are associated with these platforms. There are many fraudsters trying to trap innocent people via social media platforms. This can be selling products that are counterfeit, offering fake jobs, and more.

CyberDost, the cybersecurity and cyber awareness handle that is managed by the ministry of home affairs has come forward with some important tips that can save you from any type of cybercrime. You need to ensure caution before accepting any friend’s requests from strangers.

Here are some tips as listed by the CyberDost.

  1. A stalker can misuse important details shared to harass you. Ensure you do not share details like your bank account number, aadhar card number, date of birth or even photo with any stranger.
  2. Make sure your photos and other personal information posted on the social media platform can be accessed only by your family and not to the public. Select the ‘privacy settings’ according to your preferences.
  3. Avoid accepting any friend request from strangers on social media. It is wise to interact with family and friends but not strangers. Why ask for trouble when you can be safe with a few restrictions?
  4. You need to be aware that the cybercriminals create fake accounts on social media. They can judge who is vulnerable and most often approach these people.
  5. In case you are going through cyberstalking, inform your parents, relatives, or friends. A complaint needs to be filed with the cyber cell. Make sure you save on all the communications with the so-called stalker so that you have enough evidence.
  6. Think twice before posting any pictures, comments, or other information on a social media platforms. Once posted, always posted is the motto of social media. A study has proved that almost 70% of the job recruiters reject candidates due to the information that is posted online.
  7. Be honest if you are uncomfortable with your friends posting something about you. Different people have different tolerances and it is important to keep this in mind even when you are posting something of your family or friend.
  8. Keep control of comments. Impersonation can work out to be a problem when talking about comments on social networking sites. Presently, networking sites are now beginning to require the commenter’s to go through a process of authentication in which they can be identified as registered users or no.
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Social media is an ideal way to communicate with your near and dear ones but at the same time, this can be risky if you are not careful. It is important to take the necessary precautions before getting comfortable on this platform. All you need to do is follow the tips listed below and don’t get tempted to become friends with any stranger.