6 Super Foods for Weight Loss


Research has proved that there has been a rampant increase in obesity and other diseases related to weight gain only after processed and junk foods starting flooding the markets. These processed foods might be convenient but you need to know that these are packed with loads of calories and are definitely low in essential nutrients and thus increase your risk of multiple dangerous diseases. Including ‘real’ foods can not only keep you healthy but can also help in losing excessive weight.

Let us go through some of the ‘Super’ ‘Real’ foods you need to include in your diet for good health and the required loss of weight.

  1. Avocado:

You find 322calories in a medium-sized avocado but the presence of multiple nutrients and healthy fats can make this as one of the ideal foods required for loss of weight. The presence of dietary fiber along with the different nutrients present in this fruit protects you against metabolic disorders.


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