5 Shocking Side-effects Of Eating Late At Night Secrets Revealed

5 Shocking Side-effects Of Eating Late At Night Secrets Revealed

According to a new study, Eating during the evening time is directly linked to a high intake of calories with the food being low quality.

A research conducted has shown that the time you eat can determine whether your diet is healthy or no. This study was conducted to find out the connection between the calories consumed in the evening, diet quality and also EI (measure of Energy Intake).

Rhythm of Hunger:

Studies have proved that your hunger follows a regular rhythm and this might not be what you expect. As known, you stop eating when you sleep and this is considered as an extended period, but you break this fast with a small meal.

Hunger is known to be at its peak late during the day. This can be around 8 p.m. after you have finished with most of the daily activities.

Consumption of EI is a response to hunger. Research has investigated this effect of the timing of a meal on not only metabolism but also on other processes of the body.

Some Effects of Eating Late:

Eating late at night has 5 main effects.

  1. Poor Digestion:

Eating your dinner late at night can lead to many gastric issues. This is due to the food not getting digested well and there is an excessive secretion of acids.

  1. Disruption of Sleep:

Eating a late dinner means you need to sleep late. This leads to a disrupted sleep cycle. This leads to disturbing dreams.

  1. Gaining Weight:

Nighttime the metabolism of your body tends to slow down. There is not enough of calories burning during this time. This is definitely one of the main causes of your weight gain.

  1. Increase in Blood Pressure:

A body clock that is misaligned does have repercussions that are serious. The risk of diabetes and blood pressure increases to a large extent.

  1. Mental Health Affected:

Eating late and sleeping late makes you irritable and you are more prone to mood swings.

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Managing Hunger Pangs Late at Night:

In case you have had your fill of dinner there is a possibility that you are not hungry and this might be only out of habit. You can sip on a glass of water and wait and watch.

Make sure you add food that is rich in fiber for your meals. This can keep you well satiated for a long period of time and those hunger pangs will not trouble you.

After making all the efforts, if you yet find you are hungry, snack on something that is healthy. Avoid all those cookies and chips.

Empty your fridge and kitchen cabinets of all those snacks that are unhealthy. Make sure you consume dinner that is not only healthy but also filling and make sure this is had well on time. Your food needs some time to get digested. You cannot eat and sleep immediately.

In case you find it tough to get rid of the habit of eating late, consider consulting a doctor.