5 Great ways to Boost Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Boost Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

It is important to leverage your personal brand for monetizing your expertise and accelerate success.

The process of marketing one own self or business or even career is your personal brand. This helps in attracting relevant opportunities. Marketing here, means getting more people to know you and also trust and like you. This leads them to wanting to work with you are buying your services or products.

You need to have that drive to create useful, engaging and relevant content with your expertise. This can help you to build a personal brand that is powerful. This gives you the required “permission” for monetizing your expertise using features in LinkedIn.


Here are some tips to ensure your success.

  1. Providing Value

It is important to ‘stand-out’ in a crowd and this can be done by providing content that can be termed as ‘super-valuable’ and is irresistible.

You need to provide networking and learning opportunities that are not only useful but also relevant to your specific network. The people will be more than willing to spend a good amount of time in joining your event or even consuming the content.

You have the options of hosting LinkedIn Live or probably organize webinars offering valuable content to your target audience.

  1. Leverage the Influencers of the Industry

Influencers of an industry are influencers only because you find people following them. Build relationships with these influencers and ensure you mention them in your post so that your visibility increases.

  1. Helping others to build their presence on LinkedIn

Mentioning influencers in your posts on LinkedIn is one type of a strategy you need to use. The other one is leveraging your network by helping others build up their presence on LinkedIn.

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This is a total ‘win-win’ strategy as you expand reach to the networks of other people and they win as they get visibility in your network. This helps in building a strong community.

  1. Showing empathy

It is important to be sensitive and be aware of the happenings in your community when you are on LinkedIn. You have the change with the times and in case of disasters, like the pandemic, change your content. You cannot go about business as usual.

  1. Embrace Vulnerability

In LinkedIn if you wish to build a personal brand that can resonate with the people, you need to be bold enough to embrace vulnerability. In such a situation, the people will not only like you but will trust you and will want to know more about you.

Giving yourself permission to be what you really are is vulnerability. This also shows you as a person who can be relatable and not perfect. You are not scared to be judged and you are not ‘all-knowing’.

Create content that can engage the target audience. You can easily attract the right type of people you would like to conduct your business with. This is time consuming and you do need a lot of patience. Work out the required strategy for success.