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3 Ways to Stop Regretting Your Decisions

3 Ways to Stop Regretting Your Decisions

Most of us feel that we do not have any regrets as we spend each day, but old age and nearing death can change all that you have been thinking for a life time. You wonder if you are making the best of your time on earth.

If you think and feel that you have no regrets, then you have, probably, not lived your life to the fullest. You have held yourself back and not done most of the things you wanted or wished for. Nearing old age, you also realize how the people of the present generation are wasting their time on petty quarrels. Here are some of the regrets expressed by the elderly.

  1. People did not live life true to themselves

Society, family and people around us can dictate the way we lead our lives. This is suppressing your true desires. Till the time you discover what is it that you truly wish to do with your life, there is absolutely no harm in going the ‘trial and error’ way.

You might have completed your education in commerce but now you realize that your passion lies in music. Divert and follow your passion and dreams. This will ensure that you do not have any regrets once life is getting over. In short, be curious, try out different roles and see where you can strike a match. Trust yourself and stop trying to live out the expectations of family, friends and society.

  1. Overworking in Life

This is a profound regret most of us go through when you retire. You do not realize how life has passed you buy and how much of this you have missed out when trying to ‘settle’ in your career and make that ‘important’ money.

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Money is important but should not be the top most priority. Have you ever felt the sunrise, felt the breeze on the sea shore or even just spent time with your family and kids without thinking and planning about money.

Give yourself a break and learn to breathe. Do this before you are completely burned out. With overworking you lose out on life and at the end of it have nothing left to offer your loved ones. Here, we are talking about emotions. By the time you think that you had enough, it is the end of the journey.

  1. Express what you feel

Emotions are to be expressed, the moment you fail to do so you know you have lost out. This can be love, anger, fear or whatever else. Suppressing your emotions can be harmful not only to your physical and mental health but also to your relations. So, go ahead, and give your son a hug or smile and be happy when you feel so.

Learn to be happy and feel each moment of your life. Learn not to fear sorrow or even loss. This is all a part of life and living in fear is killing you slowly but surely.


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