3 Ways to Get Exercise While You’re Social Distancing

3 Ways to Get Exercise While You're Social Distancing

The pandemic has led to disruptions that have caused havoc in everyone’s lives. The ‘work at home’ and online education means most of us are at home for 24 hours. This is not wrong; this is what is required during this dangerous pandemic. At the same time, this ‘staying at home’ has ruined the health of many, as the gyms are closed down.

You can always include some sort of workout at home to ensure you can keep up the fitness levels that you have struggled for all these years. Not working out for a few days is okay, but this has carried out for almost a year.

Burpees for Workouts at Home

According to Bryan Goldberg, a fitness trainer, a burpee can have a profound effect on your fitness immaterial where you are on the fitness spectrum.

What is a Burpee?

A burpee is a squat, kicking the feet backward, into a plank of pushup, jumping back to the position of squat, a stand followed. This ‘burpee’ was named after Royal Burpee in 1939.

Burpees work the major groups of muscles and boosts coordination, balance and cardiovascular fitness. This exercise can be done at home and without any gym equipment. All you need is to be determined to go through this.

Craig Peters performed almost 67,000 burpees in one year. He says he has never felt any leaner and fitter before. He adds that his back problems seem to have disappeared.

You can start off with only 10 burpees and gradually increase the count.

Tips for getting the required activity during COVID-19

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Here are few tips to help you wade through this pandemic while being healthy.

  1. Get outside

Try getting out for a walk or even for your daily exercise as much as possible. This is only if your area is not under lock-down. You can go for a jog, walk or bike outside. Fresh air is important for your immunity and overall health.

All you need to do is ensure you keep your distance from others and wear a mask.

  1. Interesting Workouts

While working out, you can listen to your favorite music or podcast. This can help in keeping the workout interesting. You can also chat with a friend or if you are out, explore a new neighborhood.

  1. Try Mindful Walking

Add the mindfulness element when walking outdoors. Be conscious of the air you breathe, observe the different color of the flowers and look out for stray dogs. This keeps you mentally healthy and there are less chances of you getting bored with your daily workout.

How Much Exercise

During these tough times, you need to remember that something is better than nothing, when talking about exercise.  The walk around the block can clear your head. This can also inspire you to take a longer walk the next day.

Health experts recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise for adults per week. That works out to nearly 30 minutes for five days a week.