3 Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

3 Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

Eating well balanced meals, exercising regularly, drinking the required amount of water and getting the required amount of sleep are definitely considered to be healthy and good habits. But there is a constant need to include some specific changes so that you can get well-balanced in your mental and physical health.

After conducting a thorough research, we have listed out some of the habits followed by ‘healthy’ individuals. These habits inspire you to make the required changes and tweaks to your normal routine.

  1. Physical Activity

Most of you are aware that regular exercise is important for boosting your overall health, mentally and physically. What is important is the duration of the exercise and the type of exercise you have taken up.

Adults need to take-up two types of exercises on a regular basis for boosting their health, the muscle strengthening and the aerobic exercises.

It is also recommended that each week you need to perform moderate and intense exercises for a minimum of 150 hours.

The CDC (Center of Disease Control) has given two examples.

You can choose brisk walking for 150 minutes each week and exercise for muscle strengthening exercise for 2 days a week.

You can take up running or jogging for 75 minutes a week and exercise for muscle strengthening for 2 or more days.

Following the above advice can give you a high level of fitness. This is definitely important for your overall health.

  1. Eating Green Vegetables

Most people consume vegetables as if this is a bitter medicine. Not many are aware that this regular consumption of green can help in cognitive health. You age slowly and are also spared from the risk of Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinson’s. Brain health is important. The Vitamin K found in the green vegetables is what is required for your cognitive health.

  1. Smile even in Unhappiness

This seems a ‘funny’ advice but it does magic. Experts state that smiling is considered to be the most valuable gesture of human beings. People who are happy smile around 50 times a day, but the average individual does so only 20 times.

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There is absolutely no harm in faking a smile till the time you really learn to do so. Smiling can perpetuate and initiate good chemistry and a good mood naturally.

So, even if you are not happy, you can smile as this can uplift your mood and spread positive vibes all around. Happiness is the key to happiness and finding the ‘positives’ in every ‘negatives’ is one way to stay mentally and physically healthy.

The world of fitness and health is definitely complicated and confusing. There are a number of advises, diets, exercises and more. It is difficult to understand what can work best for you.

You need to be sensible about this and not follow any exercises or diets blindly. It is important to conduct a thorough research and if possible, consult your doctor. A perfect diet and type of exercise can work according to your ‘body-type’.