15 Acidic Foods You May Need to Avoid


In accordance with some analysis, consuming an extra of acidic meals might detract from bone density, improve the chance of kidney stones, and set off irritation. Acidic meals have lengthy been related to acid reflux disease, ulcers, and different gastrointestinal complaints, and individuals who expertise heartburn or different GI points could profit from decreasing the variety of acidic meals they consume


Milk, cream, yogurt, exhausting cheese, and ice cream are typically acidic and might trigger acid reflux disease and different gastrointestinal points. Sheep and goat cheese are usually much less acidic, so individuals who love dairy however whose stomachs aren’t such large followers can attempt these alternate options. If cow’s milk merchandise is unavoidable, counterbalancing them with extra alkaline meals similar to cantaloupe or cauliflower might assist.


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